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Corporate Discounts

MLO CompliancePro offers corporate and discounted pricing for our larger corporate clients. Our national discounted pricing schedule is based on the number of mortgage licensed originators and the amount of states in which the company is licensed. To receive a customized corporate pricing schedule, please contact a corporate account executive at 1 (888) 502 2703.

Tracking and Reporting System

After many years of research MLO CompliancePro developed a reporting system that is understandable and easy to use to convey to company management, owners, and mortgage licensed originators the licensing status of companies and personnel. This feature tracks compliance through the licensing phase, registration and renewal process until decisions are
granted by the licensing regulators.

MLO CompliancePro works to keep our reporting and alerts up to date and we can customize our reporting system to fit your growing needs. Maintaining compliance in the NMLS can be stress free for companies and mortgage licensed originators if you have good, reliable information. MLO CompliancePro’s tracking and reporting system will reliably track all of your company, branch, and mortgage loan originator licenses and renewals in the NMLS reducing time by evaluating all of your licenses and filings at once. Making the NMLS process easier is what MLO CompliancePro is here for and that is what our tracking and reporting system represents.

Minimize Expenses

MLO CompliancePro is dedicated to save you time and money. We will prepare, submit, and track your state license filings and renewals in the NMLS. We will ensure that your business is not interrupted by managing the NMLS accounts for your company and your mortgage licensed originators allowing you to concentrate on growing your business while we focus on your compliance within the NMLS. MLO CompliancePro will become a valuable, dependable resource for your company and mortgage licensed originators.

When you look at alternative in house compliance keepers you must account for salary, training and benefits as well as loss of productivity of your mortgage licensed originators from spending hours trying to navigate through the NMLS to submit their filings. State and federal regulations are frequently changing the requirements in the NMLS. MLO CompliancePro will constantly monitor the requirements and manage your accounts and compliance in the NMLS. As your NMLS outside account administrator MLO CompliancePro won’t allow the NMLS requirements to result in a loss of time and revenue for your company and mortgage licensed originators.


MLO CompliancePro offers telephone and e‐mail support for our company and mortgage licensed originator clients. We can be reached toll free at (888) 502 2703 from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., ET, Monday through Friday with extended hours of 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., ET, Saturday during the NMLS renewal period. We can also be contacted by sending an e‐mail to and your questions will be addressed within 24 hours.


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