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MLO CompliancePro, LLC (“MLO CompliancePro”) was established in 2011 to assist the mortgage industry in complying with the licensing and registration requirements as outlined in the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS). With more than a decade of experience working with companies and mortgage licensed originators providing licensing services and with hands on experience with the NMLS since inception, MLO CompliancePro was established to act as an outside account administrator for companies and mortgage licensed originators to keep the company and mortgage licensed originators compliant with state and federal requirements maintained within the NMLS.

With the growing requirements within the NMLS, MLO CompliancePro began doing business acting as the experts in knowing what requirements are in effect for each state and having knowledge of the NMLS system to assure compliance. MLO CompliancePro’s program gained immediate attention from mortgage professionals by enabling users throughout the country to comply with the requirements set forth in the NMLS utilizing very little of their time and reducing costs by eliminating hours spent trying to navigate through the NMLS.

MLO CompliancePro also introduced its reporting and tracking system to convey to company management, owners, and mortgage licensed originators the licensing status of companies and personnel. This feature tracks compliance through the licensing phase, registration and renewal process until decisions are granted by the licensing regulators.

As a NMLS outside account administrator, MLO CompliancePro will provide the expertise and knowledge to get licensing and renewals approved while keeping companies and mortgage licensed originators compliant and in business.

Mission Statement

To be recognized as the leading outside account administrator of the NMLS for the mortgage industry though our commitment to provide superior customer service and constantly adhere to the growing needs of mortgage professionals creating a partnership in making our clients lives easier.



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