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Our Process

MLO CompliancePro is your expert outside account administrator for the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS). We manage all of your company and mortgage loan originator’s licenses and renewals and all of the compliance requirements housed within the NMLS. With unique features such as a reporting and tracking feature for managers and alerts throughout the licensing and renewal process we are the solution for managing your NMLS accounts.

MLO CompliancePro makes complying with the state and federal requirements in the NMLS simple and seamless. We work with companies and mortgage loan originators to get licensed in each state and renew their licenses on an annual basis through the NMLS. We eliminate the time your company and mortgage loan originators spend getting through the licensing and renewal process trying to navigate on their own through the NMLS and save you money by allowing you to concentrate on your business.

As your NMLS outside account administrator MLO CompliancePro will know what requirements are in effect for each state and communicate that information to our clients. We will ensure that each company, branch, and mortgage licensed originator’s licenses and renewals are approved and renewed on time and in compliance with rules and regulations. MLO CompliancePro’s expertise as a NMLS outside account administrator will save you time and money by doing the input in the NMLS as well as following up with the state regulators until a decision is made on the application. MLO CompliancePro will provide licensing information to our clients throughout the year and more frequent weekly information and alerts during the renewal period.

Selecting MLO CompliancePro as your NMLS outside account administrator will allow you to effectively concentrate on your core business while we take care of getting your company, branches, and mortgage loan originators licensed and renewed timely and compliantly in the NMLS.


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